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Made in France

Designed in Marseille.
Produced and assembled in Thiers, the french capital of cutlery.

Pocket sized

With its total lenght of 11.5 centimeters (4.5 inches) LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES can still cut 70 ring gauge cigars perfectly.

Perfect cut

We use the praised 14C28N steel and top tier handle materials to grant you the best cuting experience ever.

At the perfect price!

From $149 / 149€ a knife depending on the materials used.

The line-up

Wood, composite, carbon or brass. The choice is yours.

Olive Wood

The timeless classic


Back in black


The natural red

Blue Micarta

The everlasting


Race your way up


Beauty ahoy!

Sent into space

LES FINES LAMES celebrates this year the 50th anniversary of first Moon landing sending three luxurious knives into the stratosphere.

For the first time in History, a cigar cutter reached an altitude of 36km, before coming back to earth. In collaboration with the British company SENT INTO SPACE, three cigar knives made from gold and diamonds flew above the ozone layer.

With the help of a sounding balloon filled with hydrogen, the carbon structure holding the knives took off from Sheffield at 11.54 am beginning a 2 hours and 33 minutes flight, landing in Dishforth, 107 km away. Filmed with a 360° camera installed on the structure, the module reached an altitude of 36 km, crossing -57°C zones.

Unique and extraordinary, the handles of the knives are made from yellow, white and rose gold, thanks to a 3D printing technology: selective laser melting. NASA topographical maps made the exact reproduction of the surface of the Moon possible.

Two diamonds are crimped in the handle, as a reference to the men who have actually stepped on the Moon: Neil Armstrong et Buzz Aldrin.

LE PETIT White Gold

White Gold

To be sold in auctions

LE PETIT Rose Gold

Rose Gold

To be sold in auctions